(hrtph007) Sukpatch : Light’s End…Love’s Swell
November 11, 2008, 12:00 am
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Light’s End…Love’s Swell
hrtph007 : EP
Released: November 11, 2008

All files and art in this .zip file (archive.org)

Stream here

1. Lover Lay Down
2. If You Want Me to Stay
3. Reform
4. Xialon

Sukpatch is Chris Heidman and Steve Cruze. Formed as a stoned accident in the summer of 1990 while roommates in the dorms at Colorado State University, Chris and Steve began a long strange trip into their own world of crackly jacked beats, analogue backdrops and High Times poetics. They’ve been heralded by those in-the-know as the pioneers of indiepop breakbeat (Want to call it indie hop? Fine.) and for good reason. While the other Colorado bands down the block were digging out their parents’ old Kinks records and going retro Sukpatch were spinning records by The Butthole Surfers, Velvet Underground, De La Soul, Primitives, Spacemen 3, Loop, Captain Beefheart (to name a few) and unknowingly spawning their own mash up brand of woozy drum machine-driven pop.

Sukpatch slinked into the public eye in the mid-90s and dropped albums and singles on indie hotshot labels like Slabco, Sub Pop and Beastie Boys own Grand Royal. After a near 7-year hiatus they were at it again and in 2006 gave us their latest full length 23 in all of its hazy, lazy and hypnotic glory.

Light’s End…Love’s Swell moves right along, and even betters Sukpatch’s well-documented style. But all history lessons aside, what we’ve got here in front of us is a quick peek into the spaced-out world of the baked pop music that only Chris and Steve could give us.

As Sukpatch releases come less frequently these days, this is a rare gem nestled here in this little corner of the world wide web. We’re glad you’ve landed here. Enjoy!

Visit Sukpatch at their site and their myspace page.

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